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Cosite Digital Signage Systems



Effectively engage with your workforce using our Digital Signage system. Quick to set-up and easy to update, broadcast information to your entire site.

Cosite’s Digital Signage Hub enables you to visually communicate with your site in real-time

Our digital signage systems platform allows you to instantly broadcast information in an engaging and dynamic way via our connected Cosite Hub and high definition monitors.

From health and safety campaigns and videos to current TFL updates, local news and weather. You choose what’s on screen.

Cosite Digital Signage Systems

What is Digital Signage?

Digital signage provides a platform to display video, images and other multimedia content through a display or television installed on your site. The system is internet connected, allowing your content to be added, updated and removed remotely both by those on site, or from your head office miles away.

How does it work?

The layout and content of the digital signage display is set-up to suit your requirements, either using existing templates or a new bespoke configuration.
We can assist you in developing site specific content including animations, images and videos, or we have existing content that you can use at no additional cost.

Cosite Digital Signage Systems
Cosite: Construction Safety, Security, and Connectivity Solutions

Why use Digital

Signage system?

Workers are often bombarded with information on posters and notices pinned up around sites and welfare facilities, not only does this increase paper and plastic waste on site, it can be difficult to ensure the workforce is taking notice. Cosite’s digital signage platform displays important information in an engaging manner and is quick and simple to update.

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