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Cosite CCTV & Access Control



We can rapidly secure your site with our advanced CCTV systems and robust Access Control hardware.

Rapidly secure your site with full perimeter CCTV coverage and Biometric Access Control

We understand the importance of maintaining a safe and secure site supply and install the most advanced security systems available.

Cosite CCTV & Access Control


Our CCTV systems are fully web connected enabling remote monitoring and management via desktop and mobile devices. Advanced network video recorder (NVR) software utilises AI to identify potential security threats.

We can provide a variety of camera models in both fixed view and PTZ (pan / tilt / zoom) formats. All record high definition imagery and have infrared night-vision capability.

Intelligent CCTV

Our cutting edge CCTV systems are equipped with a number of additional features.

Intelligent Motion Sensing:

Smart sensing technology that identifies both human and vehicle targets differently avoiding false alarms.

ANPR and Vehicle Recognition:

Capture licence plates in real time and compare or add to an existing database. Can be linked to site Delivery Management Systems for time tracking of vehicles.

Facial Recognition Hardware:

deep learning technology is utilised for rapid recognition and comparison of intelligent alarm notifications on known persons.

Thermographic Cameras:

Specialised devices that are design to detect elevated temperatures, these cameras can be installed at site access points to perform rapid fever screening of individuals entering site.

CCTV and Access Control - Cosite: Construction Safety, Security, and Connectivity Solutions
Cosite CCTV & Access Control

About Access Control

We supply and install both biometric and swipe card access control systems with full and half-height steel turnstiles, mag-lock doors and gates.

Our access control systems are supplied with time and attendance software to accurately record operative and visitor access and egress, and enable rapid roll-call of individuals on site in the event of an emergency evacuation.

How does Biometric

Access Control work?

Biometric access control uses biometric data in the form of fingerprint scanners and facial recognition to identify an individual’s physical characteristics and verify whether they are permitted to enter a space. As biometric data is not easily compromised through theft or collusion it is considered more secure than more traditional access control methods such as swipe card and pin-code based systems.

Biometric Data

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